GOAL Post 2018-10 Legislative Update from Olympia  9 March 2018

GOAL Post    2018-10

Legislative Update from Olympia    9 March 2018




      2519, 5553 AND 6298 TO GOV






It’s over!  The fat lady has done her part and has waddled off the stage, and our legislators are packing up and heading home from Olympia.  At this point there is no talk of the need for a special session, unlike the three special sessions we had last year.  .

The 2017-2018 biennium set a record for the number of gun related bills filed: 48, 25 anti-, 20 pro- and three neutral.  But as foretold in the Book of Matthew, “Many are called but few are chosen.”  Only four of the 48 managed to make it to the governor’s desk:  None of the pro-gun bills made the cut in the Democrat-dominated legislature, surprise, surprise.  HB 2519 and SBs 5553, 5992 and 6248 were the chosen few.  SB 6620, the last minute “assault weapon” bill, failed to get a vote on the last day of the session (given the time allowed, it was unlikely to pass the House anyway).

On Tuesday, 7 March, Governor Inslee signed SB 5992, the “bump stock” ban.  In its final version, it only applied specifically to bump stocks and not to other “trigger devices,” and allows for a one-year buy-back period to be set up by the Washington State Patrol.  Your reward for complying with the law is $150.  (As far as I can tell, nothing prevents you from shipping or selling them out of state, as long as the transaction occurs out-of-state).

HB 2519  and SBs 5553 and 6298 sit on the governor’s desk awaiting his action.  He has three options: sign the bill(s) as is, section veto portions he doesn’t like allowing the remainder to become law, or let it sit without his signature, at which point it will become law.  Unlike the president, Washington has no provision for a “pocket veto” (no signature) to kill a bill.  I expect the governor to sign all three bills, as he did SB 5992.

As I reported earlier, HB 2519 was amended in the House to allow issue of CPLs to current and former military members aged 18-20.  That amendment was pulled by the Senate Law & Justice committee.  The conference committee also amended the final version of the bill added language that allows the issuing authority to require a photograph be submitted with the application, and that photograph to be embossed on the license.  This was discussed by the Department of Licensing more than ten years ago but never implemented.  It is solely up to the issuing authority to require it.  Some states have photo CPLs, other do not.

It appears in my rush to head for Las Vegas in January for the annual Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trades show, I missed an anti-gun bill filed.  HB 2805 (Rep. Pollet, D-46) would ban the sale of exposed lead projectile ammunition to those 18-20 years old. Concerns about lead poisoning among the young, according to the bill language.  Maybe Chicago should consider such a bill.

Given the fact that for the first time in several years Democrats control both the House and Senate as well as the governor’s mansion, why so few anti-gun bills passed?  One or two pro-gun Democrats in each chamber helped us, and 2018 is mid-term election year.  Had they passed a slew of anti-gun bills, they likely would have lost perhaps several rural-area legislative seats in November.  Expect them to come back in January, 2019 with blood in their eyes for gun owners.

By failing to address the “assault weapon” issue, it opens the door for an initiative later this year that is likely to go well beyond simple registration and/or age limits.  And as we’ve been hearing from Florida over the past week, where the Republican-majority legislature just raised the age to buy long guns to 21 AND imposed a three-day waiting period because of the Parkland school shooting, there are far too many gun owners out there who don’t like “black rifles.”  Or as we call them, Elmer Fudds, “As long as they don’t come after my wabbit gun, I don’t care what they do about other guns.”

Barring a special session, this will be the last GOAL Post of 2018.


HB 1000    Use of deadly force                                               Doglio (D-22)     DIED     OPPOSE

HB 1004     Possession of firearms/state of emergency           Shea (R-4)         DIED.     SUPPORT

HB 1015    Limiting restrictions on concealed carry              Shea (R-4)           DIED.     SUPPORT

HB 1122    Safe storage of firearms                                        Kagi (D-32)        DIED      OPPOSE

HB 1134     Assault weapon ban                                             Peterson (D-21)  DIED.     OPPOSE

HB 1174     Firearm safety education in schools                    Muri (R-28)         DIED     SUPPORT

HB 1181     Prohibiting handgun sales registry                      Blake (D-19)        DIED     SUPPORT

HB 1190     Prohibiting handgun sales registry                      Taylor (R-15)       DIED.     SUPPORT

HB 1270     Encouraging voluntary use of locking devices  Harmsworth (R-44) DIED.  SUPPORT

HB 1380     Repeals I-594                                                       Shea (R-4)            DIED..     SUPPORT

HB 1381     Universal recognition of all state CPLs               Blake (D-19)        DIED.     SUPPORT

HB 1387     Assault weapons background check                    Jinkins (D-27)     DIED     OPPOSE

HB 1483     Allows destruction of forfeited firearms             Lovick (D-44)     DIED    OPPOSE

HB 1529     Use of force                                                          Ryu (D-32)         DIED     . OPPOSE

HB 1592     Delivery of firearms to LEOs                               Klippert (R-       DIED      SUPPORT

HB 1725     I-594 check exemption for CPL holders             Koster (R-44)     DIED    SUPPORT

HB 1731     Certain exemptions to I-594                                Jinkins (D27)     DIED   SUPPORT

HB 1900     Hunter ed funding/NRA license plates                Griffey (R-35)   DIED.  NEUTRAL

HB 1933     Transfer of firearms at non-profit events             Walsh (R-19)    DIED    SUPPORT

HB 2136      Profits from seized firearms go to education fund   Taylor (R-15)  DIED     SUPPORT

HB 2293     Bans firearms in daycare facilities (exception)    Kagi (D-32)        DIED        OPPOSE

HB 2306     Allows licensed veterans to carry at CommColl  VanWerven (R-)  DIED  SUPPORT

HB 2329     Strengthens law making CPL data private           Walsh (R-19)     DIED      SUPPORT

HB 2363     Drone delivery of firearms to offenders                 Pellicciotti (D-30)    DIED   SUPPORT

HB 2422     Bans “high capacity” magazines                            Peterson (D-21)   DIED    OPPOSE

HB 2519     Return of seized CPLs                                            Lovick (D-44)     To Gov.   NEUTRAL

HB 2666     Repeals state preemption of gun laws                     Macri (D-43)      DIED     OPPOSE

HB 2738     Permission to carry in a residence                          Doglio (D-22)     DIED     OPPOSE

HB 2805     Under 21 lead ammo ban                                        Pollet (D-46)       DIED    OPPOSE

HB 3004     School safety/semi-auto restrictions                       Jinkins (D-27)     DIED      OPPOSE

SB 5000    Use of deadly force                                                McCoy (D-38)    DIED   OPPOSE

SB 5050     Assault weapon ban                                              Frockt (D-3)        DIED  OPPOSE

SB 5073     Use of force                                                           McCoy (D-38)    DIED  OPPOSE

SB 5216     Firearm safety education in schools                       O’Ban (R-28)     DIED  SUPPORT

SB 5441     Involuntary freeze on firearm possession              Kuderer (D-)     DIED   OPPOSE

SB 5444     Background check for “assault weapons”             Frockt (D-46)     DIED    OPPOSE

SB 5463     Mandatory safe storage of firearms                       Palumbo (D-      DIED     OPPOSE

SB 5506   Transfer of firearms at non-profit events              Zeiger (R-25)       DIED  SUPPORT

SB 5553    Suicidal, waiver of rights                                       Pedersen (D-43)   To Gov.  NEUTRAL

SB 5795     Mandatory firearm liability insurance                   Chase (D-32)        DIED    OPPOSE

SB 5992     Bans certain “trigger devices”                    Van De Wege (D-24)   Signed by Gov.. OPPOSE

SB 6049     Bans “high capacity” magazines                           Frockt (D-3)        DIED    OPPOSE

SB 6146     Repeals state preemption of gun laws                   Saldana (D-37)    DIED     OPPOSE

SB 6173     Strengthens law making CPL data private            Takko (R-19)     DIED     SUPPORT

SB 6297     Firearm possession with history of violence         Dhingra (D-45)    DIED   NEUTRAL

SB 6298     DV harassment firearm ban                                   Dhingra (D-45)   To Gov.     OPPOSE

SB 6415     Permission to carry in a residence                         Hunt (D-22)          DIED       OPPOSE

SB 6476     Exempts background checks between CPL          Wagoner (R-39)    DIED      SUPPORT

SB 6620     School safety/semi-auto restrictions                     Frockt (D-3)           died          OPPOSE

HB 2363     Drone delivery of firearms to offenders                 Pellicciotti (D-30)  S. Rules SUPPORT

HB 2519     Return of seized CPLs                                            Lovick (D-44)     Conf          SUPPORT

HB 3004     Student safety/semi-auto rifles                                Jinkins (D-27)     H. Jud.     OPPOSE

SB 5553    Suicidal, waiver of rights                                Pedersen (D-43)    Concurrence vote NEUTRAL

SB 5992     Bump stock ban                                                Van De Wege (D-24)   To Governor  OPPOSE

SB 6298     DV harassment firearm ban                              Dhingra (D-45)   Concurrence votes  OPPOSE

SB 6620     Student safety/semi-auto rifles                                   Frockt (D-3)     S. Rules     OPPOSE

HB = House bill, SB = Senate bill.  L&J = Law & Justice, Jud = Judiciary, PubSaf = Public Safety, HC = Health Care, H. K-12 = House Early education, Aprop = Appropriations, Fin = Finance, W&M = Ways &Means  “S” before a bill number indicates Substitute, “E” means Engrosssed (both mean amended).



LEGISLATIVE HOT LINE:  You may reach your Representatives and Senator by calling the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000.  Toll free!!!  The hearing impaired may obtain TDD access at 1-800-635-9993.  Also toll free!!!

            1-800-562-6000   TDD 1-800-635-9993

OTHER DATA:  Copies of pending legislation (bills), legislative schedules and other information are available on the legislature’s web site at “www.leg.wa.gov“.  Bills are available in Acrobat (.pdf) format.  You may download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe’s web site (http://www.adobe.com).  You may also obtain hard copy bills, initiatives, etc, Copies of bills may also be ordered toll free by calling the Legislative Hotline at (800) 562-6000.  You may also hear floor and committee hearing action live at http://www.tvw.org/ (you need “RealAudio” to do this, available free at the TVW web site).

By reading the House and Senate “bill reports” (hbr, sbr) for each bill, you can see how individual committee members voted.  By reading the “roll call” for each bill, you can see how the entire House or Senate voted on any bill.  The beauty of the web site is that ALL this information is available, on line, to any citizen.

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“The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired, but nothing in this section shall be construed as authorizing individuals or corporations to organize, maintain or employ an armed body of men.”

                Article 1, Section 24

       Constitution of the State of Washington

Copyright 2018 Gun Owners Action League of WA

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