GOAL Post – 2013-UPDATE 2

GOAL Post                                                                             2013-UPDATE 2
Legislative Update from Olympia                                               30 August 2013







Despite repeated assurances from White House spokesman Jay Carney that President Obama will sign the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (UN ATT) before the end of the summer Congressional recess, Obama has yet to do so.  He only has four days left before the Capitol resounds with the pitter-patter of Congressional soles on the marble floors.  There is no doubt he will sign the treaty.  Given that it stands almost no chance of Senate ratification, this is merely form over substance, something Obama is very good at.  Obama speaks loudly, but carries a little stick.

(Could it be he’s distracted with Syria, his European allies having abandoned him in using force against that rogue nation?  The Europeans and most Americans get it: if Muslim wants to kill Muslim, who are we to intervene?  Especially in support of Al Qaeda-backed “rebels.”  Of 154 countries who voted “for” the UN ATT, only 83 have signed it to date.)

Speaking of form over substance, earlier this week President Obama called mayors of some of our biggest cities to the White House to tell them he is prepared to by-pass Congress and take unilateral action to impose his gun control agenda on the American people.  (Notably absent was the President’s former Chief of Staff and current mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, murder capital of the U.S.)

Sure enough, a day later ventriloquists dummy Joe Biden announces two measures to be imposed by Presidential decree.  The first is a block on the return of U.S. surplus firearms exported to allied countries over the past half century.  These are mostly M1 rifles (Garands) and M1 carbines, both highly desirable by collectors and — in the case of the Garands — by competitive shooters.  I don’t recall hearing reports of 9 1/2 pound, 43″ long Garands, or slightly shorter carbines, being used on the mean streets of D.C. or Chicago, both fine examples of the effectiveness of strict gun controls..

The second measure would require background checks of officers and trustees of corporations/trusts who purchase National Firearms Act of 1934 -controlled weapons (machine guns, short barreled rifles and shotguns, suppressors and some others).  It is my understanding the principals of such entities already undergo a six-month ATF background check when the apply to buy such devices.  Again, pure form over substance which will do nothing to prevent misuse of firearms by criminals.  But as we all know, it’s not about guns, it’s about control.

(Maybe Obama should consider sending all these Garands and carbines to Syrian rebels.)

In an earlier  meeting with gun control advocates, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he will introduce a “new” gun bill during the 2014 session.  Presumably it will be more of the same: expanded background checks and whatever else he thinks he can force through the Senate.  Look for any such action to follow immediately on the heels of a mass shooting or some other highly visible incident.

A letter purportedly from the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs is floating around the internet.  The letter allegedly outlines the master plan to disarm civilian populations in member nations.  The UN denies the existence of the letter or of any such plan.  Is the letter a hoax?  Likely.  Is the intent of the UN to impose citizen disarmament worldwide?  Undoubtedly.

A liberal think tank has produced an 80-page playbook to guide gun control advocates in passing or promoting gun control legislation.  This first surfaced recently in efforts to push I-594, the gun control initiative right here in Washington.  They stress the use of emotion and emotional images over fact and logic in making their case.  This is actually nothing new.  Anyone who has attended Judiciary Committee hearings has witnessed the hype and emotion used to override and suppress facts.  Criminal code, environmental issues… it doesn’t matter.  Emotion almost always trumps facts, especially with the misinformed public (or legislators with an agenda).  Keep in mind that, reprehensible as they may seem, these tactics can be used by our side as well.

Facing declining support in his bid for reelection as mayor of Seattle, Mike McGinn decided to play the gun control card, frequently a sure winner in liberal Seattle.  Joining hands with Washington Ceasefire, McGinn is pushing businesses to post “Gun Free Zone” signs in their businesses.  In and of themselves, the signs have no force of law.  If you are found with a gun on their premises (“concealed” means concealed), you will be asked to leave.  Only if you refuse to leave at that point are you in violation of the trespass code — NOT a gun violation.  A list of businesses who don’t want business from gun owners is conveniently posted by Washington Ceasefire at http://washingtonceasefire.org/  (I notice most of the steak houses I frequent are not on the list.)  The only remaining question is will armed robbers use the list to choose targets?

As summer fades, signature gathering for Initiative 591 (I-591) continues at a heated pace.  Signatures are still needed on petitions, and donations are still needed to maintain the campaign.  Links to request petitions, and to make donations, are available at http://wagunrights.org/


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“The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired, but nothing in this section shall be construed as authorizing individuals or corporations to organize, maintain or employ an armed body of men.”

Article 1, Section 24

Constitution of the State of Washington

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