I-591 needs YOU! (stolen shamelessly from WAC by the proprietors)

Initiative 591 (the *good* initiative) is a little past the half-way point in terms of gathering the necessary signatures to qualify to be placed on the ballot and the January deadline is coming. Individuals and businesses gathering signatures are doing a great job, but we need to get those completed petition forms turned in as quickly as possible to the YesOn591 campaign.

The Washington Arms Collectors and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms have together donated nearly $500,000 to support Initiative 591. Every signature gathered by volunteers and businesses means dollars not spent on paid signature gatherers – dollars that can then be spent on the drive to enact Initiative 591. Every dollar donated helps prevent the end of gun shows in Washington.

In the last four election cycles, no group or individual has successfully qualified an initiative measure for placement on the ballot without spending at least $750,000 on the effort. The YesOn591 effort is two thirds of the way towards meeting that threshold.

If we don’t get Initiative 591 on the ballot and win it will be the end of gun shows in the State of Washington and of the Washington Arms Collectors. This is a battle that gun owners must win.

A $30 donation from each member of the Washington Arms Collectors to the YesOn591 campaign would easily meet that number. We would know, as much as anyone can, that Initiative 591 would appear on the ballot to protect gun rights in the State of Washington.

Don’t let the anti-gunners destroy our gun shows and the Washington Arms Collectors. Sign, get signatures, and donate now.

Petition forms can be picked up at or returned to the office of the Washington Arms Collectors in Renton. To receive a petition by mail, call (425) 255-8410 or email [email protected].




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