GOAL Alert 2019-2   Legislative alert from Olympia  25 April 2019

GOAL Alert 2019-2                                                                25 April 2019

Legislative alert from Olympia



According to information that we have not been able to confirm at this time, a temporary injunction blocking release of the names and addresses of those who turned in bump stocks to the Washington State Patrol has been imposed by a Washington judge. It’s 0400 here in Indianapolis, where I am attending the NRA convention, and 0200 in Washington, so bear with me please.


Given my ISP problems and the added difficulties of posting information from a mobile hotspot while on the road in Indianapolis, we are passing along the following information

Speaker Chopp is contemplating bringing the bill to the floor.

There are two days left in the legislative session. PLEASE ACT NOW. Contact the following individuals and ask them to PLEASE bring HB 2182 up for a vote.

Rep. Frank Chopp, Speaker of the House ([email protected]), (360) 786 – 7920

Rep. Jenkin ([email protected], (360) 786 – 7836

Rep. Stoner ([email protected], (360) 786 – 7872)

Rep. Sullivan ([email protected], (360) 786 – 7858

Rep. Frame ([email protected], (360) 786 – 7814


These are the people that can make it happen

Please act now, and then get your friends to do the same. If you want politics to go your way grassroots action is how it’s done.

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