GOAL Post 2020-5, Legislative Update from Olympia 7 February 2020

GOAL Post 2020-5
Legislative Update from Olympia 7 February 2020


Well, they noticed you at the capitol rally! Rep. Senn (D-41) has filed a bill (HB 2925) prohibiting firearms on the Capitol Campus. This has been tried before and failed, but this year is different. They’re more afraid of citizens with guns this year than they have been in the past. On the other hand, Sen Fortunato (R-31) has also filed SB 6673 to protect firearm rights. The bill reaffirms the right to keep and bear arms under both the federal and state constitutions and repeals much of the restrictive language contained in Washington firearms code, RCW 9.41. Don’t hold your breath waiting for this to pass. With today being the policy committee cut-off and no public hearing scheduled, short of extraordinary action, this one is DOA.

Between e-mail problems (ongoing), a heavy holiday and beyond travel schedule and overlapping Washington and Florida legislative sessions (I’m also VP and Legislative Director of the Florida Sport Shooting Assn), I’ve missed a few important bills. HB 2367 and SB 6043 address the issue of “self-defense” coverage as offered by companies such as ACLDN and USCCA that our esteemed insurance commissioner declines to authorize. Both of these bills will be heard this week and also voted on in executive session on Friday.

Today (Friday, 7 February) is the first policy committee cut-off date. Bills that have not passed out of their first policy committee (for most gun-related bills, House Civil Rights & Judiciary and Senate Law & Justice) are generally considered dead for the session. Bills that require additional funding must pass through one of the fiscal committees next week. As this is the short session, the train is moving fast.

Bills marked with an asterisk (*) in Bill Status below have presumably died for this session. Because HB 2925 (Capitol gun ban) was filed so late, don’t be surprised if they move it. Good news, both “assault weapon ban” boils died (HB 2241, SB 60760 but both magazine bans live on.) (In my opinion, the a/w ban bills died because the Democrat legislators don’t want to face the voters’ wrath in November. Look for an initiative to be filed.) Bad news? Lots. Of the two CPL training bills (HB 1315, SB 6294) the Senate version is the least harmful.

And “dead” doesn’t always mean “dead.” Let an incident occur that fits one of the “dead” bills and watch it get revived by the Democrat majority.

A close look at the Bill Status will show thirteen bills total awaiting a pull to the respective (House or Senate) chamber floor for a full chamber vote. Those that pass go to the other chamber for the same process. A couple more are also hanging fire in a fiscal committee until next Tuesday’s fiscal cut-off.

A public hearing is scheduled in Senate Law & Justice next Wednesday on HB 1010, destruction of forfeited firearms.

Can’t make it to Olympia? You can go to the following web site to submit your comments directly for any given bill. Just add the four-digit bill number (four numerals only, not HB or SB) right after …bill/ I can’t promise the comments will be read, but it’s YOUR opportunity to be heard. Be polite, be brief.

https://app.leg.wa.gov/pbc/bill/(four digit bill number)

The Washington Arms Collectors is seeking volunteers to work the voter registration table at the gun shows in Puyallup and Monroe, and possibly other venues. If you have the time, please see Jane Milhans or George Kelley at the shows. The 2020 elections, at all levels, are the elections of a lifetime. Please do your part. Think of your grandson sitting on your lap in 20-30 years, asking, “What did you do in the big gun wars, Gramps?”

HB 1010 WSP destruction of firearms Senn (D-41) S. L&J OPPOSE
*HB 1068 Magazine restrictions Valdez (D-43) H. CR&J OPPOSE
HB 1315 CPL training requirement Lovick (D-44) H. Rules OPPOSE
*HB 1374 Repeals state preemption of gun laws Macri (D-43) H. CR&J OPPOSE
*HB 1671 Confiscation of firearms Dolan (D-22) H. Rules NEUTRAL
*HB 2196 Raise standard for issue of a “red flag” order Walsh (R-19) HG. CR&J SUPPORT
*HB 2202 Exempts law enforcement from a/w training Klippert (R-8) H.PubSaf OPPOSE
HB 2240 Bans high capacity magazines Valdez (D-43) H. Rules OPPOSE
*HB 2241 Bans assault weapons and magazines Peterson (D-21) H. CR&J OPPOSE
HB 2305 Expands firearm prohibition re: protection orders Doglio (D-22) H. Rules OPPOSE
HB 2367 Self defense insurance Hoff (R-18) H. Rules SUPPORT
HB 2467 Centralized firearm background checks Hansen (D-23) H. Aprop NEUTRAL
*HB 2519 Ammunition background checks Walen (D-48) H. CR&J OPPOSE
HB 2555 Background checks for “other” firearms Goodman (D-45) H. Aprop OPPOSE
*HB 2569 Pre-trial detention for certain firearm offenses Wylie (D-49) H. PubSaf OPPOSE
HB 2622 Court order non-compliance, firearm surrender Kilduff (D-28) H. Aprop OPPOSE
HB 2623 Firearm prohibition, certain offenses Walen (D-48) H. Rules OPPOSE
*HB 2767 Recreation shooting areas on public lands Blake (D-19) H. CR&J SUPPORT
HB 2820 Firearms forfeiture/DV court order (correction) Klippert (R-8) H. Rules NEUTRAL
*HB 2925 Bans firearms on Capitol grounds and buildings Senn (D-41) H. CR&J OPPOSE
HJR 4210 Pretrial detention for certain firearm offenses Wylie (D-49) H. Pub Saf OPPOSE
SB 5434 Expands gun free zones to parks and day cares Wilson, C (D-30) S. Rules OPPOSE
*SB 6043 Self defense insurance Wilson, L. (R-17) S. L&J SUPPORT
*SB 6076 Bans assault weapons and hi cap magazines Kuderer (D-48) S. L&J OPPOSE
SB 6077 Bans high capacity magazines Kuderer (D-48) S. Rules OPPOSE
*SB 6161 Excise tax on ammunition Dhingra (D-45) S. L&J OPPOSE
SB 6163 Unlawful possession BEFORE conviction Dhingra (D-45) S.Rules OPPOSE
SB 6288 Office of firearm violence prevention Dhingra (D-45) S. W&M OPPOSE
SB 6289 Restoration of firearm rights Dhingra (D-45) S. L&J OPPOSE
SB 6294 CPL training requirement Saloman (D-32) S. Rules OPPOSE
*SB 6347 CPL validity seven years with training Wagoner (R-39) S. L&J SUPPORT
SB 6402 Use of a stolen firearm Rivers (R-18) S.Rules SUPPORT
SB 6406 Concerning firearms Wilson, L (R-17) S. Rules SUPPORT
SB 6584 Unlawful purchase of a firearm Zeiger (R-25) S. L&J SUPPORT
*SB 6673 Removes many existing firearm restrictions Fortunato (R-31) S. L&J SUPPORT

HB = House bill, SB = Senate bill. L&J = Law & Justice, CR&J = Civil Rights & Judiciary, PubSaf = Public Safety, HC = Health Care, H. K-12 = House Early education, Aprop = Appropriations, Fin = Finance, W&M = Ways & Means “S” before a bill number indicates Substitute (amended).

12 Feb Senate Law & Justice Committee, Senate Hearing Room “1,” JAC Bldg
9:00 am SHB 1010

LEGISLATIVE HOT LINE: You may reach your Representatives and Senator by calling the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000. Toll free!!! The hearing impaired may obtain TDD access at 1-800-635-9993. Also toll free!!!

1-800-562-6000 TDD 1-800-635-9993

OTHER DATA: Copies of pending legislation (bills), legislative schedules and other information are available on the legislature’s web site at “www.leg.wa.gov“. Bills are available in Acrobat (.pdf) format. You may download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe’s web site (http://www.adobe.com). You may also obtain hard copy bills, initiatives, etc, in the mail from the Legislative Bill Room FREE OF CHARGE by calling 1-360-786-7573. Copies of bills may also be ordered toll free by calling the Legislative Hotline at (800) 562-6000. You may also hear floor and committee hearing action live at http://www.tvw.org/ (you need “RealAudio” to do this, available free at the TVW web site).

By reading the House and Senate “bill reports” (hbr, sbr) for each bill, you can see how individual committee members voted. By reading the “roll call” for each bill, you can see how the entire House or Senate voted on any bill. The beauty of the web site is that ALL this information is available, on line, to any citizen.

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Download GOAL Post 2020-5 pdf for easy printing

“The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired, but nothing in this section shall be construed as authorizing individuals or corporations to organize, maintain or employ an armed body of men.”

Article 1, Section 24
Constitution of the State of Washington

Copyright 2020 Gun Owners Action League of WA

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