Goal Post Addendum: HB 2325

GOAL Post Addendum6 February 2016

House Bill 2325, by Rep. Dick Muri (R-28), a bill that would create an
elective hunter education/firearms safety course in high schools, failed
to pass out of the House Education Committee by yesterday’s policy
committee cut-off.The bill is essentially dead for this session.

In a late addition to next week’s schedule, Rep. Muri has arranged for a
“courtesy hearing” on the bill by the House Education Committee in House
Hearing Room “A,” John L. O’Brien Office Building at 8:30 a.m. on
Thursday, 11 February. WDFW Hunter Ed officials will be there as will
several state-certified hunter education instructors.

If you can attend the hearing, please try to do so.A hunter ed/firearm
safety course in our high schools would go a long way to counter the
anti-gun indoctrination and misinformation that fills classrooms today. A
strong showing of support will help get this bill a hearing in the next
legislative session.

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