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GOAL Alert 4-2014

GOAL Alert                                                                                                 4-2014 Election update                                                                            9 November 2014 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARINES SILVER LINING MOMENTUM FOR GUN CONTROL? I-594: WHAT NEXT? WARNING!!! THE OTHER WASHINGTON Tomorrow, 10 November 2014, is the 239th birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps.  … Continue reading

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GOAL Alert 3-2014 Election update

GOAL Alert                                                                                             3-2014 Election update                                                                         22 October 2014 TACOMA NEWS TRIBUNE GUEST COLUMNIST OPPOSES I-594 MAJORITY OF WASHINGTON SHERIFFS NOW OPPOSE 594 MAJORITY OF RANK AND FILE WASHINGTON COPS OPPOSE 594 WHY ARE YOU RECEIVING THIS ALERT? The following article … Continue reading

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GOAL Alert – Election Update – 2-2014

GOAL Alert                                                                                             2-2014 Election update                                                                         17 October 2014 IT’S CRUNCH TIME BALLOTS WENT IN THE MAIL TODAY THE FUTURE OF GUN RIGHTS IN WASHINGTON IS IN YOUR HANDS VOTE NO ON 594            VOTE YES ON 591 VOTE NOW While the … Continue reading

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2014 PRIMARY ELECTION RECOMMENDATION LIST Gun Owners Action League U.S. CONGRESSIONAL RACES 1st Congressional District Robert Sutherland (R) 2nd Congressional District No recommendation 3rd Congressional District Jaime Herrera Beutler (R) 4th Congressional District Dan Newhouse (R) 5th Congressional District Cathy … Continue reading

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GOAL Post 2014-10

GOAL Post                                                                                             2014-10 Legislative Update from Olympia                                                               14 March 2014   IT’S OVER!  LEGISLATURE ADJOURNS RECORD NUMBER OF BILLS FILED, FEW SURVIVE COMPLETE BIENNIUM LIST OF BILLS INCLUDED BEWARE STEREOTYPES … Continue reading

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GOAL Post 2014-9

GOAL Post                                                                                             2014-9 Legislative Update from Olympia                                                               7 March 2014 SECOND CHAMBER CUT-OFF LIFE AFTER DEATH CONCURRENCE OR CONFERENCE COMMITTEE? LAST WEEK The second chamber cut-off passed at 5 p.m. … Continue reading

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GOAL Post 2014-8

GOAL Post                                                                                             2014-8 Legislative Update from Olympia                                                               28 February 2014 SECOND CHAMBER POLICY COMMITTEE CUT-OFF BILLS MOVE, BILLS DIE SECOND CHAMBER CUT-OFF NEXT FRIDAY NO ACTION ON INITIATIVES SESSION ENDS IN TWO WEEKS UKRAINIAN GUN OWNERS SPEAK OUT Today … Continue reading

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GOAL Post 2014-7

GOAL Post                                                                                             2014-7 Legislative Update from Olympia                                                               21 February 2014 CHAMBER CUT-OFF PASSES; BILLS DIE TWO PUBLIC HEARINGS SCHEDULED NEXT HURDLE NEXT FRIDAY DEAD BILLS DELETED FROM “BILL STATUS” LIST BACKGROUND CHECKS USED FOR CONFISCATION? Tuesday, 18 February was … Continue reading

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GOAL Post 2014-6

GOAL Post                                                                                             2014-6 Legislative Update from Olympia                                                               14 February 2014 FIRST FISCAL CUT-OFF PASSES BILLS DIE, BILLS MOVE CHAMBER CUT-OFF NEXT TUESDAY INITIATIVES DORMANT IN COMMITTEE GOVERNOR DECLARES MORATORIUM ON EXECUTIONS Bills requiring fiscal/appropriations action are given a few … Continue reading

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GOAL Post 2014-5

GOAL Post                                                                   2014-5 Legislative Update from Olympia                                     7 February 2014 POLICY COMMITTEE CUT-OFF PASSES; BILLS “DIE”   A FEW BILLS MOVE NO ACTION ON INITIATIVES ASTERISK TO DENOTE STATUS CHANGE NEXT MAJOR CUT-OFF:  CHAMBER CUT-OFF 18 FEBRUARY GUN CONFISCATION IN … Continue reading

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